I’ve written about energy for titles including Renewable Energy World, Renewable Energy TechnologyGreen Futures magazine and Gas Matters. I developed my interest in this area while living in South America and have written about oil, solar and wind power in Brazil and gas and renewables on other parts of the continent. I’ve also written about energy in the UK, Europe, North America, Africa and the Middle East and have undertaken energy-related copywriting projects for the likes of PwC and Faircount Media Group.

To view my Renewable Energy World portfolio  click here, for my work on sustainability and the London 2012 Olympics for Green Futures click here, or click on any of the links below for selected individual articles:

May 2016

Solarcentury’s Jeremy Leggett: We are winning the carbon war

US bans oil drilling on Atlantic coast 

March 2015

Austria offers business possibilities for India

Dec 2014

Waste-to-jet fuel partnership takes off

Hydrogen-powered cars to drive forward in 2015

May 2014

Sustainable stadiums: three of the world’s best

Solar industry powers US jobs market

February 2014

Spain in global first as wind power dominates

Argentina – can the dead cow be brought back to life?

Community Energy Strategy aims to take on the big six

Wood-to-electricity power plant gets go-ahead in UK first

January 2014

Tube heat to help warm London homes

November 2013

David Cameron was wrong to raise public’s hopes on fracking, says energy expert

October 2013

Bolivia’s gas wealth – and its ticking clock

March 2013

Policy support for solar grows in Sub-Saharan Africa

December 2012

Offshore wind embarks beyond Europe

A smarter approach: the need for smart grids in the BRICS and beyond

Can solar-powered desalination fulfil JFK’s vision?

October 2012

City utilities push Germany’s switch to renewables

May 2012

Brazilian hydroelectric project to use oil rig technology

April 2012

New designs boost prospects for floating wind turbines

Chile looks to renewables as its grid falters

Solar PV powers the World Cup in Brazil

September 2011

Brazil sets the pace in clean energy

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