Positive News

I contribute stories about renewable energy, health and more to Positive News for both its online and print editions. Positive News reports on people and initiatives that are creating a sustainable, just and fulfilling world. It is published by a not-for-profit social enterprise, with support from Positive News Trust, a registered charity. Click on any of the links below to access my stories:




June 2016

Wales to measure ‘good jobs’

May 2016

Solar pioneer Jeremy Leggett: ‘We are winning the carbon war’

US Atlantic drilling ban hailed as a ‘win’ for climate

December 2015

The citizen reporters covering ground professional journalists cannot tread

November 2015

Crowdfunding platform seeks £1m to build people-led economy

March 2015

Interview with L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science European laureate Professor Dame Carol Robinson

December 2014

Waste-to-jet fuel partnership takes off

Hydrogen-powered cars to drive forward in 2015

June 2014

Teenage pregnancy at all-time low

Research project to design ‘dementia-friendly neighbourhoods’

May 2014

Solar industry powers US jobs market

Campaigners form a ‘Glacier Nation’ in Chilean Andes

February 2014

App helps teenagers seek advice from school nurses

Spain in global first as wind power dominates

Community Energy Strategy aims to take on the big six

Wood-to-electricity power plant gets go-ahead in UK first

January 2014

Tube heat to help warm London homes

November 2013

Malaysia cuts fuel subsidies to fund welfare payments for the poor

Germany shuts down coal power stations as renewables shoulder more energy demands

October 2013

El Salvador considers world-first mining ban

September 2013

Renewables could create quarter of world’s electricity by 2018

First industrial-sized seaweed biofuel plant to open in Brazil

July 2013

Heat pump technology harnesses energy from wastewater

June 2013

Hope for global action on climate change as China plans emissions cap

Polls show Brits back a multicultural society 

UK has become more peaceful, study finds

March 2013

European Parliament votes for sustainable fishing

Discovery of four stranded DNA gives hope for cancer breakthrough

February 2013

England’s forests to be saved, not sold

EC proposed pesticides ban to protect honeybees

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