Brazil and Latin America

I was The Daily Telegraph’s Brazil correspondent in 2010 and 2011 and I’m returning to the country during the 2014 World Cup. I was one of a handful of Western journalists reporting from Rio’s favelas as police attempted to establish ‘pacification units’, I broke the story that Brazil’s economy was overtaking the UK’s, I reported on President Barack Obama’s first trip to Brazil and I secured an exclusive interview with the British couple dramatically rescued from the Amazon rainforest.

I continue to take a keen interest in Brazil and South America and to write about the region. Please click on the links below for selected recent articles and my Telegraph archive.

Host City:

Will Rio live up to its name the ‘Marvellous City’ at the 2016 Olympics?

Sustainable stadiums: three of the best including Brasilia’s Estádio Nacional

Global Citizen:

Investment destination: trade opportunities in Argentina are wide open

Kicking Brazil’s World Cup plans into touch – special report

Gas Matters:

Argentina – can the dead cow be brought back to life?

Bolivia’s gas wealth – and its ticking clock


Brazilians want social changes the World Cup cannot bring


Renewable Energy World:

Solar PV to power the World Cup in Brazil

Brazil soars in clean energy rankings

Positive News:

The citizen reporters covering ground professional journalists cannot tread

Campaigners form a ‘Glacier Nation’ in Chilean Andes

World’s first industrial-sized seaweed biofuel plant to open in Brazil


Daily Telegraph:

UK considered Argentine Falklands naval base two weeks before war

Daily Telegraph, Brazil Correspondent 2010-11:

Brazil Correspondent – all articles

Police seize biggest Rio slum as World Cup clean up begins

Brazil to overtake UK as sixth largest economy

British couple stranded in Amazon describe rescue from rainforest

Brazil opens first iPad factory outside China

Brazilian ethanol best hope for replacing oil, says BP’s Bob Dudley

Brazil to replace oil rigs with ‘underwater cities

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