Health and Psychology

I write about health and academic studies in psychology and science for national newspapers such as The Daily Telegraph, The Times and Daily Mail, and previously for the website Everyday Health UK. Click on any of the links below to view my published stories:

December 2016

Britons each waste 131kg of food per year – worst in Europe

October 2014

Prostate cancer patients ‘get second-rate NHS care’

September 2014

Breastfeeding mothers made to feel ‘marginalised and ashamed’

Londoners ‘walk less than people anywhere in the UK’

Most probiotic drinks may have no health benefits, finds study

Why giving a baby a dummy sucks

June 2014

Teenage pregnancy rates at all-time low

Research project to design ‘dementia-friendly neighbourhoods

February 2014

Smartphone app helps teenagers seek advice from school nurses

January 2014

Proof that too much TV harms children’s brains

Children who watch too much TV may have ‘damaged brain structures’

December 2013

Most people would rather lie or do a bad deed than say ‘no’

Only Bulgaria beats Britain for TV addicts, finds European Social Survey

November 2013

Praying helps boost self-control, claims study

Exercising after work helps prepare you for a stressful day

October 2013

Taking part in parkrun has psychological as well as physical benefits

Children left in day care ‘more likely to be hyperactive’

Using eye contact to change people’s minds ‘has opposite effect’

Sleeping for six to eight hours a night reduces risk of heart problems and strokes

September 2013

Give NHS patients choice of advanced cataracts surgery, says expert

How sun shines on romance

August 2013

Volunteering ‘boosts wellbeing and could extend your life’

Mental disorders and substance use are leading cause of non-fatal illness worldwide

Could marijuana help treat depression?

Half of all children don’t do enough exercise to stay healthy

Smart habits to keep your brain young

July 2013

Why a joker will always win the girl

Could a depression test better determine treatment methods?

Is eating less meat or following a vegetarian diet better for us?

Insect bites and stings – advice on prevention, symptoms and treatment

Working night shifts long-term may increase breast cancer risk

Hidden potential discovered in cutting-edge cancer treatment

June 2013

Texts from doctor help maintain weight loss

Alzheimer’s gene ‘improves brain power in younger years’

Losing your teeth could damage your memory

Positive thinking helps patients with Parkinson’s

Children learn (fear of) the drill  from their parents

Eating disorders ‘linked to extreme female brain’

Music has benefits for patients of all ages

May 2013

Women suffer more mental health problems ‘due to modern life’

Sharp rise in type 2 diabetes in younger people

Want to know why women live longer than men?

April 2013

Alzheimer’s disease: an introduction

Arthritis: the facts

Stroke: what you need to know


How lack of sleep exacerbates arthritis

British 10-year-olds twice as likely to own mobile phone as children overseas

Commuting in the same direction “strengthens marriages”

Light exposure while exercising could boost brittle bones

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