Copywriting and editing

I have extensive experience of copywriting, editing and proofreading reports, articles, blogs, infographics and much more. My clients include Alpha Grid (a Financial Times company), PwC, Redwood, and Ofgem. I’ve undertaken major projects in areas such as energy, cybersecurity, digital transformation and wider business topics.

To see examples of my writing, click on the links in blue below:

October 2018

AI and the future of fraud prevention Merchants have always faced a challenge in detecting and preventing fraud. This content for Lloyds Bank Cardnet looks at how retailers are turning to Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help them fight back at a time when the issue is more complex than ever.

January 2017

Understanding hackers to protect your business from fraud This Lloyds Bank Cardnet White Paper harnesses the knowledge of leading experts in the field to help you understand a hacker’s mindset, so that you may enhance your company’s ability to defend itself against this rising threat.

October 2016

Arup Annual Report 2016 Arup is a global design, engineering and consultation business, known for its work on the Sydney Opera House, the Pompidou Centre in Paris and many other innovative projects. This report highlights how the firm continues to push the boundaries, as well as looking at community initiatives and sustainability.

July 2016

Seeing through the gloom – UK solar seeks stability after subsidy cuts UK solar capacity continues to grow but the number of firms in the sector has shrunk significantly and Brexit raises new questions. This 16-page PwC report provides insight into the outlook for solar power following a joint survey by PwC and the Solar Trade Association.

The connected home: understanding the customer benefits We are on the cusp of a new age for the home. The spread of digital technology has changed how we interact with each other. Now it is beginning to transform how we interact with our home environment. A PwC Energy Spotlight blog.

June 2016

Opportunities for transformation of the water industry The water industry will undergo profound changes in the coming years, driven by a progressive regulatory agenda, climate change, changing customer attitudes and the deployment of digital technology. This PwC blog takes a closer look at the issues.

The future of the North Sea – why a sea change is required PwC’s Energy Spotlight looks at the critical challenges now facing the North Sea oil and gas industry with the oil price remaining low and the world transitioning towards lower carbon energy.

May 2016

Lloyds Bank Chief Economist’s Insight – Patrick Foley, Chief Economist at Lloyds Banking Group, gave his views on topics such as rising debt levels in China, OPEC’s attitude to oil volatility and how robots are putting jobs at risk.

Innovation in the energy utilities sector – PwC’s Energy Spotlight looks at why innovation in everything from products to marketing is vital to helping power companies find a competitive edge.

March 2016

Customer engagement in an era of energy transformation – PwC’s Energy Spotlight looks at how the recommendations of the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) may shake up the market.

February 2016

Lloyds Bank Business Leaders Summit 2016 – read white paper summaries of speeches and panel discussions at the Summit that featured the voices of business leaders and politicians.

November 2015

Bridging the value gap in a great bear market PwC’s Energy Spotlight looks at how deferred consideration can help deal-making in the natural resources sector in a period of low commodities prices.

September 2015

A series of articles for PwC’s Energy Spotlight looking at how the oil and gas sector should respond to a sustained period of low prices:

July 2015

PwC – Sustainable Growth for the Solar Industry A state of the industry report on UK solar following a joint survey by PwC and the Solar Trade Association (see the PDF at the bottom of the page for the full report).

June 2015

World Economic Forum – The Future of Financial Services Executive Summary of WEF’s new report, revealing why both established institutions and new entrants have an impetus to collaborate. I also authored the 11 chapter summaries for the WEF report – here are three examples:

Also published in June, the latest economic insight from Pioneer Investments:

Charting a course of the future of global markets – Pioneer Investments’ Macro Advisory Forum Interview with George Magnus, Economist and Senior Independent Economic Adviser at UBS, and Matteo Germano, Pioneer’s Global Head of Multi-Asset Investments.

May 2015

Challenges for the Eurozone: from Greece to growth – Pioneer Investments’ Macro Advisory Forum As the Eurozone again finds itself at a crossroads, Professor Zsolt Darvas, Senior Fellow at Brussels-based think-tank Bruegel, gave his insights on its economic prospects.

February 2015

Lloyds Bank Business Leaders’ Summit Post-event White Paper on a summit that featured Ken Clarke MP, Hugo Swire MP, CBI boss John Cridland and chief executive of Lloyds Banking Group, António Horta Osório.

The Oil Conundrum – Pioneer Investments’ Macro Advisory Forum Special insights from Robert Wescott, who was a special economic adviser to Bill Clinton’s government, and specialists at Pioneer Investments.

December 2014:

Africa Dynamic – DuPont Understanding Africa’s opportunities in Agriculture, Infrastructure and Safety.

PwC – Power your way to peak performance PwC’s guide on how companies in the energy market can turn customer complaints into competitive advantage.

October 2014:

PwC Energy 2020 tracker (PDF) An independent assessment of the UK’s progress towards its goals of secure, affordable and low carbon energy – with a target dual fuel household energy bill of £1,331 in 2020.

May 2014:

At the crossroads: the future of the UK energy retail market. In this special seven-page briefing (see PDF) PwC Energy’s Steve Jennings and Ronan O’Regan examine the current energy retail market and what factors will influence its future shape.


I was one of a team of three writers who helped to write the Ofgem Annual report 2012/13 after conducting numerous interviews with key executives at the energy regulator.


      Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 20.17.17

I was editor of the official brochure for the Accelerate Oil & Gas conference in Brazil in 2012 and 2013. Using my Portuguese language skills and knowledge of the oil and gas industry, I produced detailed print brochures covering the technical challenges of exploration and production, regulation, financing and investment. Hundreds of delegates attended each year, many from major international oil companies.

Accelerate Oil & Gas 2013

Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 20.08.33

Accelerate Oil & Gas 2012

Click here for a PDF of the event brochure


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