About me

Robin Yapp

I’ve been a freelance journalist and copywriter since 2012, before which I was Brazil Correspondent for The Daily Telegraph. As a journalist I write mainly about energy, health, psychology, South America and the challenges of hosting sporting events such as the London 2012 Olympics, 2014 Brazil World Cup and 2020 Tokyo Olympics. As well as copywriting, I also offer copyediting and proofreading services.

I’ve worked on major energy and business projects for the likes of PwC, Redwood, Lloyds Bank and Ofgem, as well as smaller health-related projects. My work includes event brochures, website content, ghosted blogs, white papers and one-off reports. I’ve established a number of repeat clients who appreciate my attention to detail, ability to work quickly under pressure and dedication to ensuring the best possible final result.

In addition to The Telegraph, I’ve also written for The Times, Daily Mail, Daily Express, Global Citizen, Positive News, Everyday Health UK, Renewable Energy World, Green Futures, MSN, Host City, Core (Warwick Business School’s magazine), Renewable Energy Technology, Gas Matters and Time Out São Paulo.

I’m available for commissions in any of the areas mentioned above.

You may also enjoy my other website The Memory Store, an online time capsule featuring interviews with stars of sport and culture.

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